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Promoting “Faster” through Safety Awareness

By Amanda Aguilar
Operations Manager, Celebration! Cinema Benton Harbor

When I learned about the movie Faster I realized there was a great opportunity to spread safety awareness to the community. Being a family based theater I always look for ways to promote the more adult-oriented films to families of all types.

With this movie focusing so much on weapons and violence I reached out to our local Berrien County Sportsmen’s Club to take part in our opening weekend Faster Celebration! I also contacted Czar’s 505 to do drinking and driving awareness. The American Red Cross and Save a Stray agreed to come out to help promote community involvement.

Cars & Dogs: A big hit
On Saturday November 27th , cars were displayed in front of the cinema and great community partners came out to speak with the community and our guests about how they could make a difference. Local radio station Rock 107.1 joined the fun, passed out prizes, and entered people to win a Faster prize pack! Everyone seemed to be enjoying their time at each booth and petting all the grown dogs, when 6 little puppies showed up and stole the show! Each booth agreed after seeing all the attention the puppies attracted that they were taking puppies everywhere they go from now on!

Community Involvement
By the end of the event The American Red Cross had 3 donation appointments, and two new sponsors for blood drives. Save a stray found a lost dog and reunited him with his family. They also adapted out one dog to a new loving home! The Berrien County Sportsmen’s club and Czar’s 505 were able to spread awareness to new members of the community and Rock 107.1 passed out tons of goodies! Our Grand Prize Pack went to a gentleman named Todd who enjoyed a Faster movie T-shirt, hat and watch!

Thank You to all our great sponsors and everyone who came out and supported such a great cause!

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