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Costume Contest for Dogs at Celebration! Lansing

By Amanda Johnson
Promotions Manager, Celebration! Cinema Lansing


Top 3 Dog Costumes

Top 3 Dog Costumes

On Friday, October 29th, Celebration! Cinema Lansing housed 94.9 WMMQ’s annual costume contest for dogs. Set up started at 6am and the radio station arrived at 7am to set up their equipment. Soldan’s Feed and Pet Supplies was also on hand to give each contestant a goodie bag for coming out.


The judges were Rich Michaels, Deb Hart and Shannon from WMMQ, Jeff Johnson from Bake n’ Cakes, Lansing City Council member Kathie Dunbar, Comedian Mike Malone and Julie Palmer from the Capital Area Humane Society.

54 contestants braved the cold weather for their chance in front of the judges. There were a lot of different costumes. Judges saw things like a chick magnet, a pumpkin and a ballerina. Spectators even got to see a dog jump out of a cannon! Mike Malone commented that he has never been to a costume contest for dogs, it must be a Michigan thing (he is from Chicago). It took about an hour and 15 minutes for each contestant to have their time in front of the judges. There were breaks in between for the radio station to give weather updates and play some music. Once every dog was shown to the judges, they went inside (where it was warm) to pick their winner.

After some deliberating, the judges finally had their top 3. Honorable mentions went out to the Dogfather, Piglet and Eeyore, Chilean miner, the mailman and several others. Third place went out to E.T., Elliot and Gertie. They showed us the iconic scene of Elliot riding off with E.T. in the basket of his bike. Second place went to the dog cannon. First place went to Gene Simmons from Kiss. Gene Simmons even had his own stage with working lights.

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