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Old White Guy Meets 50 Cent

Ron Van TimmerenBy Ron VanTimmeren
Vice President, Programming

50 Cent at Celebration! CinemaI have teenage children but that’s about as close as I’ve ever gotten to 50 Cent… until Tuesday night (5/11/2010).  That’s when I came face to face with the man, the myth, the legend who, in his movie roles, is credited as Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.  What a cool guy.

50 was at Celebration! Cinema North to support his movie Caught in the Crossfire along with Producer Randall Emmett and Writer/Director Brian Miller.  Curtis, Randall and Brian all spoke before and after the movie and they were sincerely thankful for the audience support, the City of Grand Rapids support and the support of the West Michigan Film Office and the Michigan Film Commission. As a result of the generosity of the filmmakers, the star and the guests, we were able to raise $7,690.00 for the West Michigan Film Office!  Rick Hert and his “crew” there are doing a wonderful job facilitating the development of show biz and show biz jobs here in West Michigan.  We all want to keep the Michigan Tax Incentive for movie-making going!

Curtis looked great.  He has been on some kind of movie-star-loosing-weight-for-a-role diet, so he seems trim compared to older pictures I have seen of him.  He’s an attractive guy who knows how to put together the jeans and tan shirt & boots look.  He has a killer smile and charm… “I want to get my Obama on”, he says about meeting and greeting guests and the media.  He likes filming in Grand Rapids because “It’s quiet for me.  And it was easy for me to concentrate”.  Jackson and Director Brian Miller (who is from Grand Rapids) joked about 50 staying at Miller’s parent’s house, about 50 being shot in real life, about police officers and real life criminals – all in good fun.

Caught in the Crossfire – as the title implies – is a “crackerjack” action/suspense/cops and robbers thriller and will be distributed by Lionsgate Home Video (direct to DVD).  Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has a several movies in various stages of production and post-production… 17 total movies he has been part of according to imdb.com.  We hope he’ll come back again sometime.

Caught in the CrossfireWhen I asked him what he would like from the concession stand, he replied, “Sprite”.  Yes, Sierra Mist was OK.

View a photo gallery from the Caught in the Crossfire premiere at Celebration! Cinema.

  1. LonniE
    July 31, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    Thanks you. 50 Cent ❤

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