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Celebrating the Getty Drive-In

By Kevin Sims

Manager, Getty Drive-In

Getty Grand Opening

The Getty-4 Drive-In has a long and storied history. The Getty-4 was originally a one screen theatre built in 1948 called the NK Drive-In. In 1966, Jack Loeks Theatres purchased the Drive-In and changed the name to the Getty Drive-In. In 1978, Loeks added three additional screens making the Getty-4 Drive-In one of the largest outdoor theatres in the United States.

In 1993, the Getty-4 introduced radio sound to all of its patrons. This innovation allows theatregoers to enjoy their outdoor movie by listening to nostalgic Drive-In speakers, or by tuning in a specific FM frequency on their car radio for a superior stereo sound experience. The Getty-4 has been a popular entertainment destination for people of all ages in the west Michigan area and beyond.

2010 Season

The Getty-4 will open the 2010 season on Friday, April 16. Do not miss out on first-run double features on all four huge outdoor screens 7 nights a week. Call 231-798-2608 for showtimes and information, or visit the Getty Drive In Page on the Celebration! Cinema website to see the current lineup!

Getty Drive-In

  1. Andi
    April 14, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    I swear we’re gonna go this year! I remember when it was on the rocks in 2000 and was going to be shut down. I’m glad everyone banded together, went and saw some great (or at least funny) movies that summer and kept it open!

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