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We’re Not (Just) a Movie Theatre!

Jeremy KressBy Jeremy Kress
Director of Marketing & Promotions

Ever since we transitioned to digital cinema nearly three years ago, we have redefined Celebration! Cinema as more than just a movie theatre – we are an entertainment destination. Consider this last weekend, for example: Besides taking a wild trip back to 1986 in the Hot Tub Time Machine and learning How to Train Your Dragon in amazing 3D, we also were proud to showcase the Metropolitan Opera’s live performance of Hamlet, and the live broadcast of UFC 111: St-Pierre vs. Hardy.

Tonight (March 30th at 10:30pm) we will present our first ever live concert broadcast with the Black Eyed Peas: E-N-D World Tour live on the big screen. We’ve featured several concerts before (Iron Maiden, Beyonce, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Hannah Montana, and many more), but this is the first one done live! Then, starting April 21st, we will also bringing Kenny Chesney to the big screen in 3D! Tickets to these events are a fraction of the cost of a concert ticket and presented in stunning DLP Digital Cinema.

Mayweather vs. Mosley at Celebration! CinemaSports
We have also been able to increase the range of sporting events on the big screen. Last year we showed our guests the BCS National Championship Football Game and NBA All Star Saturday Night events both in live 3D. They keep coming – this upcoming weekend we have three more sporting events:

  • On Saturday, April 3rd we will show the MSU Spartans vs.the Butler Bulldogs in the NCAA Final Four in live 3D (6:00pm)
  • That same night we have the Hopkins vs. Jones boxing match presented live (9:00pm) from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.
  • Just 2 days later (Monday, April 5th – 9:00pm), we will bring the NCAA Championship Game to the big screen – live and in 3D! Come join us at Celebration! Grand Rapids North to see how March Madness will come to an end!

Looking further ahead, we will also show the Mayweather vs. Mosley boxing match on Saturday, May 1st at six of our theatres.

Cheech and Chong's Hey Watch This Movie at Celebration! CinemaSomething for Everyone
The versatility offered by our digital projection systems means we can showcase a wide range of features for our Big Screen Events:

  • We have had great success with the Metropolitan Opera, and will close the MET season with “Armida” on Saturday, May 1st.
  • We’ve also shown great events like “Spirit of the Marathon,” “Prairie Home Companion,” and Drum Corps International. We will bring back DCI with the DCI Classic Countdown on Thursday, May 13 in select theatres.
  • Other guest favorites like Glenn Beck and “This American Life” have sold out auditoriums and we expect them to return with other events later this year.

We also have some great new events hitting the big screen in the coming weeks that we are excited about:

  • Cheech and Chong reunite after 25 years for Watch This on Friday, April 16th, Saturday, April 17th & Tuesday, April 20th, that will highlight their successful reunion tour – Cheech & Chong: Light Up America.
  • On Tuesday, May 18th we will bring Sons of the Fallen: A Live Tribute to our Military Heroes to the big screen just prior to Memorial Day. This event is hosted by country music star Clint Black, and tells the story of 25 boys who gather to honor their fathers that paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country.
  • The final event that we currently have scheduled (Thursday, May 20th – 8:00pm) is Times Talks Live: LOST. This is a live presentation from New York Times Entertainment Editor Lorne Manely as he talks to the creators of LOST for an in-depth discussion about the show’s creation, its six years on air, and the highly anticipated series finale on May 23rd.

I Love That Movie at Celebration! CinemaIn addition to all these great events, we will continue with our ever popular Celebrating The Classics Series, and just launched a new Classic Movie Program called “I Love That Movie!” at Celebration! Woodland. These, combined with our great movie releases, special IMAX and 3D programming, and special watch parties of televisions shows and sports presentations, mean there’s always something exciting going on at Celebration! Cinema.

To stay up to date on all of the great Big Screen Events, visit the Big Screen Events page at Celebration! Cinema.

Jeremy Kress is the Director of Marketing at Celebration! Cinema.

Social Networking and Twilight

March 26, 2010 3 comments

Eclipsing the rest of this post?
Since The Twilight Saga: Eclipse poster has been released, it should be shared here:
Eclipse Poster

Social Networking’s Role
But I don’t want to discuss Twilight itself – there are many fine places around the Internet to do that – just its role in our social networking efforts and their benefit to our fans. Now, whether you’re commenting on this blog, being our fan on Facebook, or following us on Twitter, there are many ways to join the conversation with Celebration! Cinema online. We focused on Facebook back in November for a promotion involving The Twilight Saga: New Moon. We could tell by the advance ticket sales that there were going to be crowds lined up at midnight to see this film. Sure enough, the crowds were huge, and people from all over came to check out the latest installment of the Twilight series:

New Moon Lines

We used this opportunity to offer prizes to our fans and encourage them to join our Page on Facebook. We handed out cards with our Facebook page’s address printed on them and encouraged people to join the Page the next morning to see their pictures.

From a professional standpoint, here from my role in the marketing department, it was a great way to speak with 15,000 people directly about our Fan Page and all the offers we have. We offered incentives to join in the form of a photo tagging contest. Membership to the page grew pretty rapidly over the next few days. Hundreds, if not thousands, of new fans found our online presences on Facebook and Twitter.

From a fan’s standpoint, they got to see their group’s pictures shared with an audience of thousands, and became members of a page that gives away free movies and has all sorts of other contests and info. Several of them even won prizes just for appearing in a photo. In other words, both we and our fans greatly enjoyed the results of this promotion.

Naturally, we’d love to do this all over again! “Eclipse” comes out in June. What sort of contests, giveaways, or promotions would you like to see happen around its premiere? Another double (or triple) feature? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Jeremy Bronson is the E-Marketing Coordinator at Celebration! Cinema.

Meet Flick the Movie Kid

Steve Van WagonerBy Steve Van Wagoner
Vice President of Marketing

He makes kids smile and moviegoers follow him to special events. He has more fun than any popcorn should be allowed. We like to refer to him as “our best employee” since he always has a smile and a twinkle in his eye. He is also the world’s undisputed biggest popcorn. Flick enjoys dancing, playing sports, photography and watching movies. Because of his unique characteristics, he’s a favorite photo op at events all over Michigan and especially in our theatre lobbies!

Flick the Movie Kid

Flick The Movie Kid began his employment at Celebration! Cinema in the fall of 2007 and since then has been entertaining fans at our theatres and community venues.
Where has Flick been?
Since Janaury, Flick appeared at Central Michigan University, Grand Valley State University, Lake Michigan Admirals Basketball games in Benton Harbor, The Brookwood Elementary Carnival in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo Wings hockey games, US Curling Nationals at Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo, and on Grand Rapids television (WOODTV) with Maranda to introduce his latest installment of Flick’s Family Film Festival!

Where is Flick headed?
Beside finding him having fun in our theatres (usually random occurrences), you can see him April 2nd for Celebration! Cinema Night at Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo, March Magic Hoopfest March 18-20 in MSU’s Jenison Field House and this summer at West Michigan Whitecaps baseball games as well as Relay for Life events.

Visit Flick’s page on the Celebration! Cinema website. Send us your photo with Flick or a drawing and if we post it on our website you can win a free movie pass to any Celebration! Cinema location including Cinema Carousel in Muskegon.

Flick the Movie Kid

Steve VanWagoner is the Vice President of Marketing at Celebration! Cinema.

Marketing Internships at Celebration! Cinema

Jeremy KressBy Jeremy Kress
Director of Marketing & Promotions

Ever wonder what it’s like to work in the entertainment business? Celebration! Cinema’s Marketing Department offers a hands-on experience with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the fun and excitement in the entertainment exhibition industry.

Working with our interns’ interests
While each internship gives an overall look at what is involved with the marketing of our theatres, movies, and special events, it is also customized to the strengths and interests of each intern. Graphic Design, Event Planning, Inventory Management, Media Promotions, Customer Loyalty, Copywriting, Social Networking, and Concession Marketing are some different areas in which interns can explore and work. While many internship programs give interns the opportunity to learn what the business does, we believe that it is also important for us to learn from each intern as well – our interns are truly a part of our department (not just coffee gophers!).

Don’t just take our word for it
We asked some of our former interns to talk about their experiences in our internship program:

Ian“As a family owned and run business, they made me feel like a part of that family and my opinion mattered to them. There were great benefits like the opportunity to work with a leader in area marketing and a VIP card which entitled me to free movies the length of my internship! It was challenging both personally and professionally but I left with some great new friends and a sense of pride. I would highly recommend an internship with Celebration Cinema.”
Ian McLellan – Fall 2007
Ferris State University
Amy“I did it for the experience, and ended up having a lot of fun – I was surrounded by the movie business! I learned a lot, from film marketing to the theatre business, and some skills to take away with me (design, copywriting, e-marketing, etc). I would recommend this internship to anyone.”
Amy Hile – Summer 2008
Central Michigan University
Nicole“It allowed me to use the skills I had acquired from my marketing classes and apply it to one of my favorite hobbies. The internship experience also gave me hands-on understanding of the now-available social media tactics, a new field of marketing that is only now starting to enter college textbooks. But the plus of doing it at Celebration! Cinema is the ability to do so in a nurturing close-knit office environment, with a company ran by a family doing what they love.”
Nicole Ball – Winter 2009
Grand Valley State University
Patrick“As an marketing intern, I learned many important aspects of the movie theater industry. From putting on special events, to promoting upcoming movies, my time at Celebration! Cinema has given me the confidence and skills to continue my education in the hospitality industry. The position allowed me to be flexible with my schedule, and the work environment was comfortable and relaxing.”
Patrick Greiner – Summer 2009
Cornell University
Lindsey“I got real life experience designing marketing materials, helping plan events, brainstorming marketing ideas and diving into marketing with social media. Everyone made me feel welcome and like part of the team. I felt that they truly valued my input and wanted to hear what I had to say. It was just a great work atmosphere and I am so glad that I had the chance to be part of it!”
Lindsey Noel – Summer 2009
Central Michigan University
Jeff“My time as an intern at Celebration! Cinema has been one of the most enjoyable work experiences of my life. I am never without a meaningful task to do that directly affects the success of the company. The work environment and interaction is more closely related to a working family rather than a corporate stereotype. I feel this experience has helped prepare me for the perks and the work involved with a business.”
Jeff Stowe – Winter 2010
Davenport University

The summer program offers a flexible schedule of 15-20 hours per week over the course of 12-16 weeks. While this is an unpaid internship, it does offer the benefits of FREE Movies, Discounted Concessions, Awesome Movie Goodies, and the Experience of a Lifetime. We will be interviewing for our summer positions in late March/early April.

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to:
Jeremy Kress – Director of Marketing & Promotions
by Friday, March 19th, 2010

Don’t worry if marketing is not your area of expertise. We’re looking at expanding our internship program in the Accounting, IT, and Human Resource Departments. If you are interested in an internship in any of these areas, let us know and we will be in touch!

Jeremy Kress is the Director of Marketing & Promotions at Celebration! Cinema.