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“Big Brothers Big Sisters” Takes the Stage at Celebration! Cinema

Emily LoeksBy Emily Loeks
Director of Education & Community Partnerships

As a regional, family-owned business, Celebration! Cinema is in a great position to really “know” the cities in which we operate. We’re also in a position to be aware of a lot of the great work that goes on by a whole variety of organizations to keep our cities vibrant and healthy places. This year, we’ve determined to lend circuit-wide support to raise funds and awareness of four different regional organizations, one in each of the following areas:

  1. Children/arts & education
  2. The environment
  3. Urgent needs in the community
  4. Health

The first of our 2010 partners has been Big Brothers Big Sisters. This is likely a familiar organization to many of you, and it has regional chapters in each of the areas that we have a theatre. The objectives of the partnership are twofold: to raise funds for the organization (of course!) and also to raise awareness of the importance of the work & ongoing need for new mentors.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a nationally recognized mentoring program that matches children from the ages of 5 to 17, mostly living in one-parent families, with volunteer mentors. Many may be considered at-risk and vulnerable, and have limited opportunities to develop their skills and interests. These children will benefit greatly from one-on-one time and attention from an adult friend. All they need is someone like you…

Today is the final day of the box-office fundraising element of the campaign, and we’re happy to have been able to raise close to $12,000! There is still time to make a contribution if you are coming to a movie tonight. Celebration! Cinema has also been promoting Big Brothers Big Sisters in our lobbies and on-screen prior to all movies for the month of February, with hopes of helping to recruit several hundred needed volunteers. If this is of interest to you, it’s not too late! Just go to www.bbbs.org to connect with the chapter nearest you.

We at Celebration! are engaged in a story-telling business. The “story” of the work taking place in our communities through organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters is fun and a privilege to tell. We hope — just as the movie ET inspired a whole generation of “Reese’s Pieces” lovers, Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes inspire innovation & creative thinking, and a multitude of other movies inspire everything from romance to careers in aviation — that hearing the “story” of an organization like BBBS will inspire you to spend a little extra time with a kid in your life. It can make a big difference.

Emily Loeks is the Director of Education & Community Partnerships at Celebration! Cinema.

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